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a henry county organization gets a multi- million dollar grant. how it will help people in southside gain access to better healthcare. and... norfolk police will soon be better protected. the furry officers getting fitted for bullet proof vests. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at 5:30. i'm john carlin. and i'm dawn jefferies. governor terry mcauliffe announced today... details of an agreement he struck with republicans in the general assembly that will mean historic gun reform in the commonwealth. it would also mean an end to talks of canceling concealed carry reciprocity agreements with 25 other states. wsls 10's rob manch is here with the latest. rob - what does this agreement means going forward? mcauliffe says what it means is that the 2 bills he has submitted to reform gun laws in the commonwealth are going to pass. in return, he's assuring republicans concealed carry permits from all 50 states will continue to be honored in virginia. the first of those 2 bills would require state police to be present at all gun shows.
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also be able to ask police to perform a background check on their clients. the second bill would ban people under a restraining order from owning guns, and mcauliffe says based on recent history, it will make the state safer. terry mcauliffe, governor: "we had 2 instances last year in virginia under a restraining order where somebody used a firearm and killed the person who was under the restraining order. the person with the restraining order went and killed somebody. this will eliminate that." when that policy is enacted, anyone currently under a restraining order would be required to turn in their firearms to authorities within 24 hours. in addition to the governor, i also spoke to state senator tom garrett today who has a bill waiting to be considered concerning the attorney general's power to grant or end concealed carry reciprocity with other states. we'll hear his reaction and future plans on your w-s-l-s news at 6. in studio, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. a 22-year-old man is wanted in
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according to the nelson county sheriff's office... the shooting happened today near river field farm lane and river road. one person was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. officers say they're looking for carlton currier. he's believed to be driving a 19-98 toyota camry with virginia plate a-e-p-4-0-9-9. currier is currently wanted on felony charges unrelated to the shooting. he's considered armed and dangerous. if you see him... call police. a henry county organization hopes to provide better help for the uninsured or underinsured after getting a 2-point-5-million dollar grant. wsls 10's colter anstaett explains how the organization will use the money to improve the health of people in southside. basset health practice in basset was busy today, as it is almost every day, providing affordable healthcare to roughly four thousand people in the area throughout the year. thanks to the harvest foundation, the practice now has
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than two point five million dollars that they will be able to use over the next three years. brittany anthony/mhc coallition for health and wellness - "we'll use the grant to focus on providing affordable and quality healthcare to uninsured and underinsured individuals." brittany anthony is the marketing director for the martinsville- henry county health and wellness coalition, which the practice is a part of. she says one way the coalition plans to continue to provide quality care is by expanding the coalition's health connect network, which aids in coordination for patients dealing with chronic disease management. brittany anthony/mhc coallition for health and wellness - "we really feel that we can get individuals on the right track and keep them on the right track." basset family health's clinical director says chronic disease is the most common issue she sees in patients. "more chronic illnesses, diabetes, hypertension." she says the grant money will help the practice be able to keep their chronic disease manager on staff, who started last august. "she's able to work with us, getting the diet, exercise
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medication to provide the patient and the providers sort of a liaison between the patients and the providers." the harvest foundation will evaluate the coalition once every six months over the next three years to determine whether the coalition will get to continue receiving installments of the grant money. in basset, colter anstaett, wsls 10. turning now to your forecast... it was an incredibly windy day... and temperatures didn't get out of the 30's... but we did see some sun. storm team ten meteorologist alan auglis joins us now. alan... tonight: clear with a much lighter wind as high pressure begins to build in. lows in the upper teens to mid 20s. saturday: with high pressure to our south, winds begin to shift out of the south warming us up into the low to mid 50s. look for lots of sunshine with a few high clouds. saturday night: mostly clear with lows in the low to mid 30s.
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mild with temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal. the high 62. monday: a weak cold front brings more clouds and the chance for showers. highs in the mid 60s. tuesday: mostly cloudy and still in news making national headlines... flint michigan will soon be getting some much needed assistance. today... governor snyder signed into law 28- million dollars in emergency funding for flint to address its water crisis. the funding will provide immediate resources to the city. this comes after the house and senate unanimously approved the funding bill thursday. lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev file a notice of appeal. the grounds for the appeal filed in the u-s circuit court of appeals today are expected to be spelled out later. the moves comes after a judge denied tsarnaev's bid for a new trial earlier this month. last year... a jury found the 22-
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marathon bombings which killed three people and hurt more than 260. he was sentenced to death. in news around virginia... members of the norfolk police force are a step closer to being better protected when serving the community. today... specialists came in to fit k-9's for their new bullet proof vests. it's all thanks to a donation from c-n-n anchor anderson cooper and the spikes k-9 fund. cooper made the donation after one of the department's k-9's was shot and killed. he didn't have any protection. jimmy hatch, spike's k-9 fund - "this is the stuff that i used with my k-9's when i was deployed in iraq and afghanistan. i didn't used the ballistics because the people we were fighting had al- 47's but these will stop handguns and a dog can wear this the boston police dogs wore these vests for 36 hours during the boston bombing." the donation will provide 38 police k-9's in the hampton roads area
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traffic report... we're still keeping an eye on that accident on v-a 24 near stewartsville in bedford county. one lane is still closed... and delays are expected. two well known businesses in the star city team up for charity. what texas tavern and black dog salvage are working on. but first ... here's a look at how some stocks of local interest finished the day on
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tonight: clear with a much you're looking at a live picture from our airport skycam. tonight: clear with a much lighter wind as high pressure begins to build in. lows in the
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saturday: with high pressure to our south, winds begin to shift out of the south warming us up into the low to mid 50s. look for lots of sunshine with a few high clouds. saturday night: mostly clear with lows in the low to mid 30s. sunday: partly sunny and very mild with temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal. the
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monday: a weak cold front brings more clouds and the chance for showers. highs in the mid 60s. tuesday: mostly cloudy and still very warm for february standards with highs in the mid to upper 50s. wednesday: a stronger cold front brings a better chance for some heavier rain with highs staying in the mid 60s. thursday: behind the front, it's
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and cooler with highs in the mid 40s. friday: sunny and seasonably chilly with a high of 44.
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the queen of steam gets a new set of wheels... in preparation for her next excursion. plus... a local roanoke family is making a difference for the those in need. how they're giving back to the homeless. those stories and more.. at six. still ahead on wsls 10 at 5:30 ... a local mcdonald's manager gets a top honor. the award she won and the prize that comes with it. wsls 10 is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia... the blue ridge area food bank and kroger to bring you our annual "10 cares food drive." we'll collect food at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg thursday february 4-th from 6
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a local mcdonald's manager wins a global award. geanina poff works at the mcdonald's on orange avenue in roanoke. she won the ray kroc award which recognizes the chain's top performing managers. poff has worked for the fast food
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restaurant nominated her. she's one of 340 mcdonald's managers around the world to receive the honor. geanina poff, ray kroc award recipient - "overwhelmed, really excited. i've worked really hard to get this award and with the help of my team and my managers and supervisors." poff will get the award april 13-th at the ray kroc awards gala in orlando. she'll get a cash prize and a trophy. black dog salvage is teaming up with an iconic restaurant in downtown roanoke. texas tavern gave one of its signs to the salvage team today. black dog salvage is restoring it. the sign will then be auctioned off next month. the proceeds from the auction will go toward "virginia veteran and family support." robert kulp/ black dog salvage - "it was the perfect timing. we had a little hole in our schedule and it's a pretty easy job. we like it ... plus a meal goes with it!" texas tavern owner .... matt
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how old the sign is ... but knows it's been there for at least twenty years. nissan recalls over 900- thousand cars after an issue with the hood latch. the models involved ... still ahead in a wsls 10 consumer watch. and we want to let you know about our 24- hour news stream. you can watch our newscasts live... or even when we're not on the air. just head over to our website -- wsls-dot-com -- and find the live video option under the blue video tab. that option is also available on our app for smart-phones and tablets. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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nearly 930- thousand altimas. nissan recalls nearly 930- thousand altimas. according to the automaker... the hood could fly open while the cars are moving. nissan says ... paint can flake off the latch. over time the latch can rust causing the secondary hood latch to remain open. the recall involves altimas from the 20-13 to 20-15 model years. nissan says ... it will notify owners and replace the hood latches for free... starting in mid-february. more than one million shower rugs are being recalled because of a fall hazard. the aqua rugs with four plastic suction cups were sold from july 2012 through september 2015 at bed bath and beyond and dollar general stores. they were also sold on amazon
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the company reports at least 60 people fell in the shower while on the rugs. 30 people were hurt. for a free replacement... contact tristar products. people may soon be able to make a-t-m transactions using their cell phone. bank of america says it plans to allow customers to handle a-t-m transactions with smart phones later this year. the bank says .... it plans to start testing the new technology at select a-t-ms in new york... charlotte... boston... san francisco and the silicon valley. cybersecurity experts say ... the use of smartphones at a-t-m's could help reduce fraud. so it's girl scout cookie time and this year ... there's a new app that suggests pairing the treats with an adult beverage. many people like adding the cookies to ice cream or milkshakes... but the people at vivino wine app suggest pairing them with wine. the app allows you to take pictures of wine labels or wine
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it now offers a guide to pair girl scout cookies with wine. one of the suggested pairings is trefoils... which are shortbread cookies... and an off-dry riesling. thousands of fans come together to send the carolina fans come together to send the carolina panthers off to super bowl 50 in style. still ahead -- we hear from one of the players about taking on the broncos. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool.
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crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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practice field for the carolina panthers while off the field... the city of charlotte is preparing to send the team off in style. thousands of fans came out today for the team's send off rally to california. players say they need all the energy they can get when they go up against the broncos and
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josh norman / panther cornerback "shoot if i even get the ball from him. if he throws an interception or something i'm probably gonna bow to him cause that's how much i think about the guy" the panthers leave for california sunday... and will take on the broncos february seventh. the wilson football factory in ada, ohio is also busy producing super bowl 50 footballs for the big game. every football used in every super bowl has been made at the wilson football plant. wilson has produced the official footballs for the n-f-l since 1941. each ball is hand made. first it's cut, sewn, turned right-side-out ... laced up and inflated. these are the first balls to have the number of the super bowl on them.
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roman numerals for the golden anniversary of the big game. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30. your 90 minutes of news continues right now. tonight: clear with a much lighter wind as high pressure begins to build in. lows in the upper teens to mid 20s. saturday: with high pressure to our south, winds begin to shift out of the south warming us up into the low to mid 50s. look for lots of sunshine with a few high clouds. saturday night: mostly clear with lows in the low to mid 30s.
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"somebody out there is making our lives mighty miserable. pause we just beg of them if they got her to let her go." now at six... law enforcement expand their efforts... as the search for a missing blacksburg teenager takes to the skies. plus.. what family members are saying tonight. then... new developments in the lyon sisters murder case. the requests approved today by the judge. and... the queen of steam gets a new set of wheels... in preparation for her next excursion. the next opportunity you have to take a ride on the iconic locomotive. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the family of a missing blacksburg teenager is pleading for her safe return home. 13-year-old nicole lovell was last seen around midnight tuesday at her family's apartment. the search for her has expanded on the ground and in the air. today -- a virginia tech drone was
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wsls 10's bethany teague joins us
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